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Terms of Service

Binary Viewer and Associated Services Terms of Use

By signing up for this service you are agreeing to use it under the following terms, without malicious intent.


By signing up for the Binary Viewer Service you are AUTHORIZING Cyber Studios, Inc. to automatically charge the credit card you place on file at the time of sign up for any initial fees and any subsequent applicable renewal fees prior to cancellation. You agree to be billed automatically each billing period after signup, to the credit card on file at that time for your account according to the payment plan selected at sign up or in your back office. You understand that you will be charged automatically and the only way to stop this is to contact Web Support with a cancellation request ( see below for details ) prior to your re-bill date.


In order to cancel your Binary Viewer account you are required to contact Web Support by phone or email and submit a cancellation request containing the username on your account as well as the last four digits of the credit card on file. An account cannot be cancelled without this information. If you do not have access to or do not remember this information you will need to call Web Support for additional account verification. A cancellation request must be received by 5pm est, on the business day prior to your re-bill date, otherwise your account will be renewed automatically. Cancellation requests received after 5pm est or over the weekend will be reviewed the following business day.


If you choose to signup for the "$160 billed yearly, with 3 months Free" option, you will be given your first three months FREE, and will not be charged at the time of sign up. Once the three month period is up, you will be charged the $160 and your subscription will be extended an additional 12 months from the date you are charged. For your initial year of binary service you will be essentially getting 15 months for the $160. Each year after that will be $160 per 12 months. If you request cancellation prior to the conclusion of your 3 month free period, you will be charged the standard monthly price for each month your account has been active.


Refunds are only available for charges that have happened within the last 30 days and will only be given in the event of a billing error. Charges over 30 days old CANNOT be refunded. Cancellation requests received after the account has renewed will not result in a refund of the charge.


You agree to save hold harmless Cyber Studios, Inc. and any of its employees/ agents from all cost, or damage incurred, and from any other damage or perceived loss whatsoever, any of which is caused by an activity, condition or event arising out of the use of this service. The above cost, injury, damage or other injury or damage incurred by or to any of the above shall include, in the event of an action, court costs, expenses of litigation and reasonable attorneys’ fees.


Access to the Binary Viewer is provided by Cyber Studios, Inc. to distributors of the RichWay family of products. It is not required as part of your distributorship. Cyber Studios, Inc. is not a part of RichWay Intl. but works with them to provide this valuable service. All data displayed in the binary viewer provided by RichWay and distributors is displayed AS IS. Cyber Studios, Inc. makes no attempt to alter the data and is not responsible for any inaccuracies.


Various parts of the Binary Viewer Service are contingent on interfacing with third party providers. If at any time Cyber Studios' access is limited or the third party information becomes inaccessible, Cyber Studios will continue to provide what parts of the Binary Viewer Service it can to our customers.

These terms of service are subject to change at any time without notice