New process for orders placed on your personal URL

**IMPORTANT New process for orders placed on your personal URL

New Order Process for Orders placed on your Public Personal URL

To comply with RichWay's new order requirements, orders placed on your PUBLIC personal URL will require you to log into your back office and select the placement on the order BEFORE it can be set to RichWay for processing.

The new order process for orders placed on the public cart of your personal URL will go like this:

1. A customer will go to your personal URL and select items, add them to the cart and check out as they normally would.

2. You (the distributor who's URL the order was placed on) will get an email notification that an order has been placed on your site that needs your attention.

3. You'll log into your back office and go to the "Manage Orders" section.

4. There you will see the most recent orders, placed on your public personal URL, with a red button that says " Edit/Place This Order " , You'll click that button

5. The order will have a pink background to indicate that it does not have placement selected and therefore has not been sent to RichWay yet.

6. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the order and click "Pick/change placement" (just like you would if you were placing the order through your back office) and select where that order should be placed in your binary.

7. Once you submit, the order will be sent to RichWay for fulfillment (with placement included as per the new policy).

8. *if there are any problems processing the order, you'll see the errors when you try to submit it. Depending on what the error is, you will be able to contact the customer and verify any incorrect information.